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The Drifter Hotel to Unveil Twin Live-Oak Sculptures from NYC Artist

ACHIEVE at Drifter

The Drifter Hotel has long been admired for its aesthetics. This weekend, the Mid-City bar adds more iconic design work to their poolside patio. Brooklyn-based artist Kevin William Reed created two twin sculptures for the Drifter.

He calls them: β€œI Built-in Louisiana Two Live-Oaks Thriving.” These geometric sculptures are sourced almost entirely from reclaimed shipping and construction materials.

For this largest piece he’s ever done, Reed hand-milled salvaged wood into over 1,500 pieces of lumber. He then turned them into life-size “trees.”

β€œThere is beauty and utility in these landfill-bound dead trees. Im constantly inspired by their weathered beauty and the impulse to return them to their state of natural grace. I want to make dead trees, trees again.” – Kevin Reed

This sustainable and innovative sculpture will feature pink and rose-colored hues to match the already iconic poolside. He hopes the use of sustainable materials on such a grand scale will “reimagine the human connection to nature as one rife with enthusiasm, wonder, and imagination, replacing the outdated and unsustainable trope of human domination over the natural world.”

The Drifter is holding a special sculptural reveal party this weekend. On Sunday, October 6th from 7 pm – 10 pm, locals can enjoy specialty cocktails, live music and meet the artist. Come see the latest transformation of the iconic, pink AstroTurf terrace. 

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