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Azul, Lakeview Sports Spot, Closes Their Doors After 6 Months of Service

Another one bites the dust. Azul, a Lakeview “sports restaurant” that was located on the corner of Pontchatrain and West Harrison, has closed their doors. The restaurant opened in August and seemed to get decent reviews per Yelp and Google Reviews, but unfortunately didn’t make it through the 6 months hump.

Azul was intended to be a sports viewing location for the family-friendly Lakeview area with a menu that reflected this. There were multiple factors that could’ve hindered their success, including not opening until 3pm when sports begin at 12pm, but we will never know the true cause.

According to Google Reviews, the restaurant closed without warning and with no signs on the doors, nor mention on social media. Their last posting on Facebook was on December 9. 

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