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New Lakeview Creole-Italian Eatery Opens Their Doors

Replacing Susan Spicer’s Mondo is the new Creole-Italian eatery in the same spot: Elle-J’s. A new restaurant from Ludovic Gerrets, the new location officially opened their doors for Friday in the Lakeview, New Orleans spot. Elle-J’s is advertised as an upscale-family classic Italian restaurant. 

A new restaurant from Ludovic “Vic” Gerrets, a longtime chef of Creole-Italian cuisine in Louisiana and beyond, has landed in Lakeview. Billed as an “upscale-family” classic Italian restaurant, Elle-J’s opened today, October 4, in the building that formerly held Susan Spicer’s Mondo.

Located at 900 Harrison Avenue, the restaurant is serving up classic Italian dishes with Creole twists, as well as Sunday brunch (11am-3pm on Sunday’s). 

The menu consists dishes made with red gravy including their Meatballs & Spaghetti and Eggplant Parmesan. The menu does draw inspiration from Sicilian and Northern Italian cooking, bringing a new range of dishes than what most Lakeview-ers are used to indulging in. Their brunch menu, though small at the moment, includes tasty dishes such as the Shrimp & Grits and Eggs Sardou. 

Check out Elle-J’s menu here.

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