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A Debut Album & An Addictive Sound: Meet Le Youth, River Beats’ First Artist on THE DEEP

THE DEEP officially kicks off on March 24 at the amazing rooftop pool of the Virgin Hotel in NOLA with Le Youth! Purchase tickets HERE!

THERE’S SOMETHING TRULY FORMIDABLE ABOUT A GREAT DANCE TRACK. We’ve heard our share of good electronic music here at River Beats. But sometimes there’s one track, for whatever reason, that totally takes you over. The first time I heard “About Us” by Le Youth, I was hooked.

“About Us” is a newer single for the L.A.-based DJ and producer, but it perfectly captures the melodic house, nu-disco flair that’s helped him gain traction. Though my discovery of the artist was new, he’s been a constant force in dance music.


Wes James, aka Le Youth, has over a decade of releases and remixes under his belt. I was unsurprised to learn he’d collaborated with some of my favorite labels in the past – Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats, Armada Electronic Elements, and Lane 8’s This Never Happened just to name a few.

Classically Le Youth

Heavily inspired by the deep melodic house and progressive sounds of Ben Böhmer, Sasha, and Eric Prydz, James’ decision to make music exclusively for the dance floor, was a deliberate one.

The producer began collecting iconic vintage studio gear and synthesizers three years ago. Thanks to his exploration, he’s been able to rediscover “the true analog essences of dance music.”

It’s an iconic feeling that lovers of the melodic and prog house have come to know well. And Le Youth effortlessly captures the innocent joy & wonder that makes a good dance track great.

Moving out of the pandemic and into 2022, Le Youth shows no signs of slowing down. We still don’t have a debut album, just gobs of singles and compilations to keep us happy. However, the word from James’ team says we could expect the release this year. Plus a global touring schedule, it’s already shaping up to be the biggest year of his career to date.

Le Youth is cutting-edge yet timeless, classic but refreshing. It’s one of the reasons why we’re so honored to have him as the very first artist in our event series THE DEEP, which kicks off in New Orleans on March 24th.

The Reminders Album + US Tour

What is it about debut albums that have us hooked? Maybe it’s fun to watch artists who have thrived off singles & EPs pour their heart into a larger project. Le Youth is set to release his first album, Reminders this fall and River Beats was lucky enough to book him on his first album tour. While there isn’t much information on the album just yet, Le Youth did give fans some news on the inspiration behind his album on Instagram

“The theme behind this album and the title ‘Reminders’ may seem obvious but for me, it’s more nuanced. reminders are feelings of nostalgia and unexpected memories,” he said. “Like remembering a past life when I turn down that street we used to live on or hearing that album we stayed up all night listening to… I’ll explain more about this theme as music from the album starts rolling out.”

Those looking for a taste of what’s to come on Reminders won’t have to wait too long – the lead single, “Lighthouse” with RBBTS, is due out on March 10

What’s “The Deep”

THE DEEP was born out of River Beats’ vision of an ideal party; “unique sounds meet unique spaces.” This series is not confined by location, genre, or by frequency. THE DEEP features unique spaces, unique views, & unique sounds that combined are sure to keep you coming along for the ride!

THE DEEP will kick off in New Orleans over BUKU weekend. This kick-off event will be followed by a unique space in Denver, Colorado soon after.

March 24th, 2022 with Le Youth

THE DEEP officially kicks off on March 24 at the amazing rooftop pool of the Virgin Hotel in NOLA. New Orleans is no doubt a unique place to put on dance events and we hope to provide dance fans a breath of fresh air. The Virgin is only six months old, and Le Youth will be the first national dance act they have welcomed.

THE DEEP officially kicks off on March 24 at the amazing rooftop pool of the Virgin Hotel in NOLA with Le Youth! Purchase tickets HERE!

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