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New Art Deco Mural Pops Up in St. Bernard Honoring New Orleans Jazz

art deco mural

Ken Cox, a tattoo artist out of Oak Street Tattoo, was recently commission for an art deco mural. Though different from his normal line of work, Ken jumped at the opportunity and was very excited to honor his city. 

The mural is located on Henriette Delille Street right off St. Bernard. He was inspired by 1930-1950s Art Deco style cartoons and decided to use that as the theme for his mural. And of course, inspired by the Jazz lifeblood that runs through this city.

Mayor Cantrell posted this on her Instagram this morning:

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A resident sent me a picture of this mural he commissioned by Ken Cox, a New Orleans artist. The mural is located on Henriette Delille Street right off St. Bernard. Cox drew inspiration from 1930’s-1950’s Art Deco, WPA cartoons, Jazz, and the Dada period for this piece. It’s beautiful! And I wanted to share it with you all. Here is the #Repost #CityOfYes • @flashyken Yesterday I got the opportunity to do something for the city that truly made me. Without the help of @theotherjon I’d have been maybe half way done.. thank you dude.. yesterday was such a great day filled with love, laughter, and support… any other painting experience I’ve had pales in comparison to yesterday. The opportunity to paint something for my city, about my city, in my city was truly inspiring. I want to do more public work! Thank you @ooti for the space and thank you New Orleans for being my ❤️. #NewOrleans #NOLA #NOLAart #NOLAmurals

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Go check out the mural for yourself! New Orleans has some amazing street art all over the French Quarter, Bywater, Midcity, Uptown, and even more places if you’re willing to look for them! 

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