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New Orleans Bucket List: 50 Things To Do When Visiting The Big Easy

We love New Orleans more than life itself. In our home city, there’s always a party going on. And if you’re visiting, it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. If that’s the case, we have a handy-dandy New Orleans bucket list for you!

Here at River Beats, we know New Orleans. We breathe New Orleans. And we’ve teamed up to bring you the best of the best from our city. From food and festivities to drinks and dancing, if you follow the list below, we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

Check out the River Beats New Orleans Bucket List below!


  1. Stop to smell the jasmine in spring
  2. See a flying cockroach
  3. Lose your soul to a pothole
  4. Eat raw oysters at Acme Oyster House
  5. Try a snowball from Pandora’s
  6. Eat a pound of crawfish on the patio at Bayou Beer GardenNew Orleans bucket list
  7. Stop for beignets and a café au lait at Cafe du Monde
  8. Laze by the hot pink grass at the Drifter Hotel
  9. Take a shot of absinthe at the Pirate’s Alley
  10. Drop everything to join a second line parade
  11. Catch a shoe at Muses
  12. Try the purple drinks from Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop
  13. Get stuck on the wrong side of a Mardi Gras parade then try to cross over
  14. Spend an evening at Snake ’n’ Jakes
  15. Laze underneath the Chime Tree
  16. Experience a home Saints game
  17. Spend an evening on Frenchmen Street
  18. And Bourbon Street if you’re brave (or wild)
  19. Take a guided tour of one of the St. Louis cemeteries
  20. Visit the French Market
  21. Stroll through the Garden District
  22. Order a muffuletta from Central Grocery
  23. Visit the Tree of Life in Audubon Park
  24. Order a Hurricane and listen to the dueling pianos at Pat O’Brien’s
  25. Get a PoBoy from Parkway Tavern
  26. Have a drink at the Carousel Bar
  27. Get 25 cent martinis with your lunch at Commander’s Palace
  28. Window show on Magazine Street
  29. Brunch at the Ruby Slipper
  30. Park yourself in a lawn chair at the Jazz & Heritage Festival
  31. Catch a Mardi Gras Super Sunday
  32. Ride the St. Charles streetcar
  33. End up at Clover Grill at 2 o’clock in the morning
  34. End up on a Bourbon Street balcony during Mardi Gras
  35. Catch so many beads that you can’t lift your neck
  36. Laze by the lakefront, maybe with a beer
  37. Catch a jazz show at the Maple Leaf Bar
  38. Bite in to a tiny baby (plastic, please)
  39. Try a Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle
  40. Take a day trip out to Jean Lafitte’s National Park
  41. Ride the Creole Queen through the Mississippi River
  42. Have drinks on the rooftop at the Hot Tin
  43. Get your fortune read in Jackson Square
  44. Spend a hot summer day at the New Orleans Museum of Art
  45. Take a walk through the sculpture garden at City Park
  46. Catch a movie (and grab a beer) at the Broad Theater
  47. Grab a chicken sandwich from the best Popeye’s – the one on Canal Street
  48. Walk down the neutral ground of Canal Street while the sun sets
  49. Wake up early enough to join the Krewe of St. Anne on Mardi Gras day
  50. Be safe, baby
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