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New Local Music: Watch People Museum’s Latest Music Video

People Museum has formed a sound that could only come from the eclectic corners of Louisiana. The New Orleans bred duo blazed in to the local music scene with a few stellar singles in 2018, and now they’re gearing up for new releases in 2021.

The duo’s latest release, “Forever” just dropped earlier today with the accompanying music video. Tinged with unease as a woman (Lo Jackson) sits vacantly in the driver’s seat of a parked car, the video shows flashes of lead singer Claire Givens dashing up & down flights of stairs and spinning through a haze of red light.

All the while, Given’s lightweight vocals carry the track forward, serenading that “forever is a long, long time to waste.” For fans of Eurythmics, Depeche Mode and Trainspotting, People Museum’s newest track carries a hypnotic – if not slightly dark – beat that still makes you want to dance.

“The overall theme with these songs is the idea of finding your way out of darkness. This may be figuring out how to get your mind out of obsessive thoughts & destructive loops, or figuring out how to make sense of an uncertain future,” the band commented.

People Museum is a pop-art, electronic band started by Jeremy Phipps and Claire Givens in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans in 2016. They caught our ears in 2019 with their EP I Made a Madman Out of Me and You Laughed.

Inspired by afro-beat, hip-hop, choral, and marching band music, People Museum combines the brass-filled past with the synthesizer heavy, progressive underground of New Orleans. The band also features Aaron Boudreaux (drums and drumpad) and Charles Lumar ll (tuba and bass guitar).

The group’s debut project, titled I Dreamt You In Technicolor, was a fresh sound in the New Orleans scene: a mix of brass, ethereal electronic vocals, and examining lyrics, which all came together in a unique way.

The group’s upcoming five-track EP, I COULD ONLY SEE NIGHT, is slated for release in early April.

Half of the songs on the EP were written in 2016 at the inception of the band, and the other half were written during quarantine with drummer Mopodna (Aaron Boudreaux).

“This EP seeks out hope by allowing the listening to dance and reflect.”

Check out www.peoplemuseumband.com for preorder vinyl and merch from the band.


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