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Did the New Orleans Pelicans Throw Shade at Anthony Davis in Latest ‘Won’t Bow Down’ Video?

The New Orleans Pelicans won’t bow down, they’ve made that much clear. Just last week, the Pelicans launched their new campaign around these three words: “Won’t Bow Down.” Since then, #WBD has popped up around New Orleans on billboards, social media, and light projections garnering hype for the upcoming Pels season. 

In their latest “Won’t Bow Down” video that went live this morning, the caption states “New Orleans… Land without a King.” If unable to play the video, here’s what she says: 

“It’s been two hundred years since New Orleans had a king. Which is good, because people here don’t like being told what to do. We do our own thing, we fight our own fights. So don’t come here expecting us to bow down, ’cause you won’t get the royal treatment.”

The above message seems to be a direct hit at Anthony Davis, the former Pelicans player who left New Orleans as soon as he could to play alongside Lebron James. The wound from the leave is still raw, and the Pels are capitalizing on the fact that we don’t need him. We never needed him. New Orleans doesn’t need a “king.” He wanted the royal treatment, and was upset he didn’t get it. 

We won’t bow down to someone else the way Anthony Davis bowed down to Lebron James. Way to go, Pels. 



Featured image via Clutch Points. 

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