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Nickleback Announced as Replacement for Rolling Stones at Jazzfest

While fans were disappointed in The Rolling Stones cancellation, Jazzfest just booked a world class band in their place. 

That’s right, Nickleback is set to take the stage In the Stones’ place. The group announced it via their radio show early this morning. Jazzfest organizers have not yet made the announcement public, but River Beats did secure a quote from longtime festival talent buyer Quint Davis. 

“Although we are still reeling from The Rolling Stones cancellation, we are so very happy to welcome Nickleback to Jazzfest. We really think the band does our 50th-anniversary justice, and we can’t wait to welcome them.” 

The group is known for such hits as “Photograph,” “Rockstar,” and the instant classic “How You Remind Me.” 

Fans have been chomping at the bit wondering who would replace the Stones, and this announcement should calm the masses. Nickleback headlining Jazzfest. What a time to be alive. 

P.S. – April fools 🙂 

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