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New Orleans’ Only Medical Marijuana Dispensary is Moving Uptown to Tchoupitoulas St.

Earlier this year we covered the sale of Lousiana’s first medical Marijuana harvest. After almost two years of stall tactics in the Louisiana legislature, dispensaries in various Louisiana cities opened their doors for medical marijuana sales. 

While this sounds wonderful, and it is, there are still some very strict guidelines on who can purchase the product and who can sell it. If you want to get caught up to speed, you can dive in here. 

In our great city of New Orleans, there is only one licensed retailer of the medical grade and that is H&W Drug Store which is located in the Gentilly area. Earlier this week H&W quietly moved to a new location located on the border of the Lower Garden District. The dispensary officially relocated its medical marijuana dispensary, from 4718 Paris Ave. to 1667 Tchoupitoulas St.

The move ensures that residents that qualify in the CBD, uptown area, Westbank, and even mid-city will be able to receive treatment. If you are interested in learning more about Louisiana push for legalizing marijuana, read up on our past coverage here. 

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