Major Lazer’s “Original Don” Turns 5 (Video)

Major Lazer 


“Original Don” by Major Lazer turned a full 5 years old yesterday, marking a unique milestone in the electronic music community. The addition of this song to Major Lazer’s arsenal brought back the old school hardstyle feel we remember from the early 2000’s, and paved the way for all sorts of remixes to be made. Its minimal sound left plenty of room for creative choices by other remixing artists, particularly of the trap variety. Artists such as Flosstradamus and Luminox took the “run the trap” synth and made good use of it, helping to bring forth the inevitable surge in trap popularity that we began to experience in the years subsequent to the release of these remixes.

Today the song stays alive and remains revolutionary. Along with its uncommon sound, the accompanying music video is nothing short of memorable. For some reason the butterfly knife and katana wielding video makes so much sense. Nothing like middle American trailer park weapons obsessions.


Staff Writer: Stasi Pappas
Staff Editor: Maya Jane

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