Bassnectar Gives His Two Cents on the 2016 Election

We are standing at the cusp of history in the making. The 2016 Presidential Election is one that has caused more outbursts, riots, arguments, and fear on every level from national news and mass riots, to the conversations you carry on with family and friends. For the last 18 months and increasingly more so in the last few weeks, there is no doubt that if you are an American your social life has been buzzing about the upcoming election. Today is finally the day that a very important decision is made and many are still on the fence about what they are going to do.

One of our favorite bass-laying, culture-creating, long-hair headbanging DJs and social activist Lorin Ashton, known to most as Bassnectar, took to his platform to outline his opinions on this year’s Presidential Election. It’s a great read for those who have found themselves wanting to vote but haven’t necessarily educated themselves on what has been going on the last few months. Also, it’s important to remember that this is one person’s opinion and while you may love their music you don’t necessarily need to agree on their social or political stance. However, if you find that the man who gives the incredible wubs also has the same ideals as you; party on!

Here is the article Bassnectar wrote on the 2016 Election << READ HERE 

1) It’s very important to go out and vote! Your vote counts more than you realize
2) In general, Democrats are interested in protecting the rights of the nation as a whole.  Usually, Republicans serve the interests of the rich, white male.
3) Doesn’t love Hilary, but thinks she’s the better choice.
4) Thinks Trump is an egotistical maniac.
5) Local initiatives are very important. Presidency is not the only issue on the ballot!


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