Big Gigantic Connects the Crowd with Good Vibes Halloween Night

Halloween night in New Orleans was so much more than an incredible artist at a breathtaking venue. Big Gigantic had the entire Joy Theater on a different level. People were hyped, but courteous to others. They all had the confidence and presence of veteran fans, but still showed the awe of someone seeing Big Gigantic for the first time. Everyone I have talked to about the show, agrees that the love in that room was phenomenal and inspiring.  Not a single bad vibe was in the house that night, and those are the kind of shows that I live for.

 Carneyval was a great opener. He did exactly what an opener should do; get the people going! His wide range of musical influences can easily be heard in his music which perfectly set the mood for the night. The Tulane graduate, having recently moved to LA in order to further pursue his music career, had this to say about his performance Monday night:

It was great coming back to New Orleans to perform. It’s my first show back in the city since I graduated and it was awesome seeing all my friends and fans come out to support. Couldn’t have been a better Halloween weekend!”


By the time Illenium got on stage, the crowd was practically begging for his melodic beats. His musical style is quite different from BIG G’s, but somehow was still able to complement the Boulder duo perfectly and absolutely slayed the crowd.

If you got the chance to take a listen to the preview playlist I curated for the show, Big Gigantic: A Brighter Future and Beyond, then you might have noticed Russ Liquid’s feature on the fourth track. I thought his sound and style would make a perfect collaboration with the  jazzy, electronica tunes of Big Gigantic. Apparently Dom and Jeremy did too because to everyone’s surprise (especially me) the band actually brought out the NOLA local, Russ Liquid, halfway through their set. Russ lent his talents on the trumpet to create a few minutes of horn heaven with the sexy sax man himself. I’m still reveling and reliving the memory of my two favorite artists up on stage together serenading the audience with their beautiful sounds.

      When the music ended and the lights came on, I for one was certainly not ready to stop dancing. I could have carried on for hours, honestly. However, it did leave me with the feeling that there could be a Brighter Future ahead for all of us, and isn’t that what music is all about in the end.


Photo: Whitney Tucker 


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