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Medical Marijuana Could Hit Pharmacy Shelves in Louisiana Within The Next Week

It’s been a back and forth battle between the state and growers in Louisiana regarding Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana to patients has repeatedly been pushed back since lawmakers authorized the drug for medicinal use in 2015.

But recent developments have led LSU and its contractor, GB Sciences, to believe the product is almost ready to hit store shelves. 

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is the regulator of marijuana growers in Louisiana. This past week the Department was given a sample of the “Final” product created by GB Sciences. The agency will test the product for potency and to be deemed free of any sort of outside contaminants. 

The man behind the testing at the Department of Agriculture, Mike Strain, has been very optimistic, saying he believes the product could be available in less than ten days. 

“We expect and we hope unless there’s any unforeseen problem that testing should be done in seven days,”

The available product will be sold in dropper form only for the time being. Patients can buy the liquid in 30ML bottles. Patients with intractable pain, cancer, AIDS, cachexia, severe muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease, and other severe diseases will have access to the drug. There are almost 100 doctors with the correct licenses allowing them to subscribe the drug to patients. Final results will be available within the next few days, and more information on this will be available soon! 


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