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Photo + Video: Protestors & Police Peacefully Meet on I10 For Almost Two Hours

New Orleans held its 5th-night of protests last night with police meeting the rally on I10 for almost two hours. Hundreds of demonstrators ascended onto I10 around 7:45 p.m. The protest started in Duncan Plaza continued through downtown New Orleans until they reached the I10 near Loyola. The police eventually confronted the protestors near the French Quarter off-ramp and kept the peace while pledging their support for justice for George Floyd. 

“We feel ashamed for what this officer did to tarnish the badge, we support you.” – Chief Deputy Superintendent John Thomas, addressed the crowd.

Soon after, the officers in riot gear all took a knee and joined in on the peaceful protests on I10. It was an emotional scene that stayed peaceful throughout the two hours. Around 10 pm police and protesters remaining on the expressway finished without major incidents.  The protesters and police left I10 and traffic begin to flow again. New Orleans has presented a stark contrast to other rallies throughout the country, with protestors staying peaceful and respecting the NOPD while exercising their rights. 

See photos and videos from the protests on I10 below.

Featured Image: Betsy Shepherd 

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