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#Road2BUKU: Boogie T. [Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix]

It should come as no surprise that Brock Thornton, aka Boogie T., brings the heat to every venue he performs at. He is consistently building a name for himself in the Dubstep, Riddim, and Bass Music scene. From Louisiana to Montreal, Brock has been touching down in multiple cities across North America showcasing his musical prowess. Brock’s musical identity is profound, and isn’t just based in the Bass Music. He often shares personal renditions of popular tracks, such as his cover of Drake’s ‘Fake Love,’ or his latest cover, ‘Black Beatles,’ by Rae Sremmurd.

There isn’t a corner of the musical spectrum he doesn’t mess with, as he even writes, records, and implements his own lyrics in his work. His recent features and collaborations with Oolacile, BOARCROK, Sunday Service, KTRL, Whiskers, Walter Wilde, SFAM, and many more showcase his slick lyricism, as well as his excellent production. He continues to garner support from artists across the world, including recent support from Coffi, as well as Ganja White Night, whom Boogie T. is touring with across North America for the next two months! The tour starts in Grand Rapids, MI, meets its fourteenth stop at BUKU Music + Art Project on March 11th and ends at an undisclosed location for its final date on April 22nd. Check the tour dates here.

With releases on SMOG Records, a wide array of releases through Artist Intelligence Agency’s Dubstep & Trap imprints, and self-releases, Boogie T. has an arsenal of original production to show the masses what’s up. River Beats had an opportunity to sit down with Brock, once again, to ask a few questions regarding his upcoming BUKU debut:

What does “BUKU” mean to you?

“BUKU is the dope, sentimental, hometown festival in New Orleans that I’ve always wanted to play, basically. I went a few times, and it’s really dope that I’m transitioning from the festival-goer to the performer. It’s crazy, and I look forward to playing!”

Which artist on the lineup would you want to collaborate with?
What would that collaboration look like?

“Ok! So this is a funny one; I’ve thought about this one. There’s a bunch of them I’d like to collaborate with: Grizmatik, Lido, Ganja White Night (stay tuned for that one). However, I have an idea that if I did a song with Cashmere Cat that we could go back-to-back, and I’d call myself ‘Casual Meerkat’! We would dress the same, and do a B2B set. That’s the dream; Cashmere Cat B2B Casual Meerkat AKA Boogie T. It would be flawless!”

For those who don’t know, Cashmere Cat and Boogie T. are, without a doubt, doppelgangers. Compare the two at your leisure.

Who is your must-see pick for the festival?

“I kind of gave away who’d I’d like to see in the last question, but I guess I’d really like to see Young Thug too! SKUUURT! One-hundred-percent! Definitely! I usually mix his song “Memo” in my sets by bringing it down to 140 BPM, then Dubstep-ing it.”


You can catch Boogie T. showing the crowd where the Riddim is at 5 pm, on Saturday, March 11th, at this year’s BUKU Music+ Art Project, as well as Sunday night, March 12th, at the BUKU Late – BUKU Closing Party playing a B2B set with Kidd Love.
You can find tickets for BUKU Late – BUKU Closing Party here!

Until then, enjoy the exclusive Boogie T. #Road2BUKU mix!

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