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11 Years Ago Today, New Orleans Was Covered In Snow: See Photos From Last ‘Substantial’ Snowfall

It’s pretty rare that we see snow here in South Louisiana. So rare that when it happens, we make sure to document it. That’s just the case from December 11, 2008 as snow covered the greater New Orleans area. 

I get a good chuckle even thinking about it because what we consider heavy snowfall, others consider a normal day. When you live in a place that goes from hot and humid 75% of the year to snow, we get excited!

Officially, 1.0 inch of snow fell at MSY, which marked the largest snowfall accumulation in New Orleans since December 31, 1963. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade since the last substantial snow came down in NOLA. With a timeline like that, maybe we’re due for something soon?! Only time will tell with snow here in Louisiana, but for now, let’s reminisce on December 11, 2008, by looking at some of the best photos from that magical day of white powder.  


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