[Case Study – Paid Video Partnership] Soundboks & River Beats Bring Unique Activations To Life

Unique activations in amazing settings. This is one way to describe the “paid partnership” relationship River Beats fostered with the Norweigan speaker company Soundboks.

In 2018, River Beats created various campaigns centered around “renegade music sets.” Our renegade activations were pop-up shops featuring various musicians in once-in-a-lifetime situations. Working directly with Soundboks, River Beats provided an in-depth unique video series for the brand. This content was used on our social channels as well as Soundboks channels. These videos reached well over 200,000 fans on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Take a look at several of our “Paid Partnership” projects with Soundboks below. 

Sponsored Content Funding – “Paid Video Partnership” 





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