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Starting This November: Preservation Hall Will Offer Fans A Mid-Day Music Escape

Preservation Hall

As a full-time server in the hospitality industry, I get asked a lot of questions. One of the most frequent things that visitors ask about is what they can do for afternoon entertainment.

Nights in the city are often filled with drinks, dancing, and the occasional ghost hunting. Mornings and evenings are a favorite time for cemetery tours or lakeside yoga. However, afternoons are often a hard time to pin down. One can only eat so much food, and the silence of a museum gets pretty loud after long enough. Fortunately, Preservation Hall is now offering a remedy for this midday slump: a matinée music show titled, If This Hall Could Speak. 

This Preservation Hall Will Speak

The series will begin on November 1st. There will be two shows, one beginning at 1:00 pm, the other at 2:30 pm. Both will take place on Friday through Saturday. The series provides listeners with the opportunity to learn about jazz from current culture bearers. The musical tour, played by the Preservation All-Stars, will traverse blues, brass band tunes, spiritual, and rag music. The band will share the experience of growing up in the Crescent City through story and song. Performances will feature several artists from the Preservation Hall Foundation’s Legacy Program, including Rickie Monie and Joe Lastie, who said of the program: 

“What’s important to me when I play is for people to not just hear the beat but feel it. 
With this program, I’m looking forward to showing them where that beat comes from and what it’s about.”

– Joe Lastie, Preservation Hall Foundation Legacy Member

If This Hall Could Speak is open to all ages. Preservation Hall is located at 726 Saint Peter Street. You can purchase tickets to this program, and others, here

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