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Trader Joe’s in Metairie Closes After COVID-19 Cases Confirmation

Trader Joe’s in Metairie at 2949 Veterans Boulevard has closed after two employees tested positive for COVID-19. The company informed that the employees had not been in the store since March 23. 

In an announcement on the company website, their team said the following:
“We have temporarily closed some stores for precautionary cleaning and sanitization related coronavirus concerns. We have made sure all Crew Members at the respective locations have been informed and understand the steps to take to best safeguard the health of their communities. While a store is closed, Trader Joe’s pays all Crew Members for their scheduled shifts.”

Wondering how to grocery shop safely during the time of coronavirus? Experts recommend ordering groceries online, if possibly. Delivery services “dramatically reduce your contact with other people.” If you have to go into the store, they highly recommend practicing social distancing as much as possible. While you can contract it from surfaces such as plastic, they say you are more likely to contract it from another person. Read more about this information and other tips from TIMES here.


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