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Varsity Theatre Rocks the Bass for Dino Brawl, Manic Focus & Wick – It the Instigator [Photo Gallery]

It seems as though there was one theme pressing the night at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge this Thursday night; BASS! New Orleans native Dino Brawl set the tone, playing three Bassnectar tracks during his set.  Call it a preview for the upcoming Bassnectar Atlanta event (going on this weekend), or a little gift of bass for those who couldn’t make it, but the Bassheads were in full force Thursday night.

When Manic Focus took the stage, fans were graced by full-throttle drum and bass with a bit of Manic Focus’ traditional melodic sound peppered in. Dropping his signature remix of Tracy Chapman’s hit “Give Me One Reason”, Manic Focus, sent the crowd into a wild, hair flowing feet steppin’ rhythm.

By the time Wick – It the Instigator came on, everyone was geared up for a heavy-hitting evening and Wick – It did not disappoint. For an artist that is known for his hip-hop influence and mash-ups of songs popular in pop culture, he read the crowd perfectly and gave the fans what they wanted. Keeping true to his personal style, and playing some of his mash-ups like Dr Dre’s “The Next Episode”, Wick- It also included bass drops that showed the true test of strength on Varsity’s speakers. From the main floor, the bass was so loud it vibrated all the way up to the higher level bar. The evening was full of pleasant surprises and I think I can speak for all who attended by saying it was the dose of bass we all needed, especially for those who couldn’t make it to Bassnectar Atlanta this weekend.

Missed the event? Check out our photos taken at Dino Brawl, Manic Focus, and Wick – It The Instigator this Thursday, September 8 at The Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA.

Photos: S&G Photography

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