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I’ve started seeing posts with the hashtag #Childrenslivesmatter, and I must agree. I’m so grateful they brought this to my attention because Children’s lives matter indeed. Children are vulnerable and they can’t fight, against the adults who don’t value children’s lives. They need us to stand up for them. For these children, we will rise. Child abuse, child abduction, and child murders have been up since quarantine you see. Yep, that’s right, since March of 2020.

Finally, the Black Lives Matter Movement has gotten us to pay attention to this reality. Children’s Lives Matter! Like all the children who died, they were abused and/or molested by ICE. Like the children dying from COVID and Cancer, where are all those insights?

Plus let’s not forget, all the children who die from something treatable like asthma. I bet they too, with their last breath, called for their mommas. These children’s lives matter. How about the 12-year-old playing at the park again. He was playing with a water gun until shot and killed by 2 grown men. His life matters too. Does it really matter if his skin was black, white, or blue? But wait, my children are in their 20’s, do their lives matter as well? Do they matter less because they are officially adults, they’re still my children, can’t you tell? What about all these children then? Can you tell their moms and dads where the value of their life ends and begins?


“Adults are just outdated children.” – Dr Seuss


Can you tell Ms. Palmer that her child’s life matters ? Do you not see, wherein lies the pattern? Maybe only unborn babies and the youngest children’s lives matter here. Like all those dying before the age of 1 because they don’t have access to nutrition and healthcare.

Their lives matter for sure, right? We must educate ourselves for these children and fight. May I ask you about the thousands of young girls who have gone missing from their towns? There is very little national news covering it or hashtags going around. Do they matter? And what about this boy here? He is alive but knows great fear. He watched his aunt, a pre-med student, be shot and killed in her living room while playing video games with him. Does his life matter to you? I promise you it’s been changed forever, how does he get through?

Children’s Lives Matter, it’s an absolute fact. But do they still matter, if they are black? It’s time to educate ourselves, stand together, and act! Tonight, when you tuck in your children into their fresh clean sheets. Tell them they’re lucky, they didn’t get gunned down today in the streets.

Make sure they know their life mattered as soon as it began. Because they happened to be born in a body with porcelain skin. As for you my dear neighbor and friend, you don’t have to click any of the links, or do any research yourself, I know you “just want this all to end”. You do have the privilege and CHOICE to ignore the injustice faced by our darker-skinned kin.

You can stay ignorant of racism and believe Black Lives Matter is a trend. This is the land of the free after all. Just remember, divided we fall.

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