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Where to Find Boiled Seafood in New Orleans

Fiery Crab, NOLA Crawfish King, BOIL seafood house

In New Orleans, the only thing that brings people together more than drinking is eating, and seafood boils are a testament to that tale. The communal/family-style form of eating spans generations and regions across the country and are a hit at big events & parties. But what about those days where there’s no large events on your horizon and you’re craving a good ol’ seafood boil? 

Luckily, there’s an array of restaurants in New Orleans offering seafood boils on the daily. Not only is it many of the below restaurants’ specialties, but each has a unique twist on the classic crowd-pleaser. Check out some of our favorite places in New Orleans with seafood boils below! 

Boil Seafood House | view website

Like their name suggests, Boil Seafood House serves boiled seafood. In a house. They have a pretty large selection of boiled seafood for you to choose from and a variety of flavor profiles for those wanting it extra saucy. In addition to their traditional sauce and flavorings, you can also get a taste of Viet-Cajun fusion: a blend of rich and varied Asian flavors with the signature Cajun spice. There are two different ways you can order here: you can pick your catch from a selection of seafood including crawfish, gulf shrimp, blue crab and more, followed by picking your flavor and your heat; or, you can get one of their seafood buckets with a pre-determined selection of seafood and sides. 


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Cajun Seafood | view website

Cajun Seafood has been a South Broad Street staple since 1995. They have grown since to three new locations throughout the city in the Treme, 9th Ward, and New Orleans East, and each are family-owned and operated. Their creative seasoning combined with a traditional style of southern cooking offers a flavorful take on boiled seafood favorites. Pending availability, choose from classics including crawfish and shrimp to snow crab legs, turkey necks, pig feet, and more. 

Cajun Seafood seafood boil

Fiery Crab | view website

Straight from the bag boil! A home-grown brand, Fiery Crab Try one of five different seasonings/sauces including fiery cajun – a hot, tangy sauce jam-packed with flavor – lemon pepper, Louisiana-style, garlic butter – our favorite! – and the fiery special: a combination of them ALL. At Fiery Crab, you’re not going to have plates and cutlery; instead, you’ll get your seafood boil right from a bag! Don’t worry, bibs and gloves are provided. 

Fiery Crab seafood boil
Photo via Fiery Crab Facebook page

NOLA Crawfish King | view website

Fresh and fast. Boiling and smoking since 2000, NOLA Crawfish King has been serving New Orleans for over 20 years with fresh, delicious boiled seafood. Their seafood boil selections consist of the seafood trifecta: crawfish, shrimp, and crabs. Catering options available as well. Keep an eye on their Instagram for the occasional special, like this crab feast dine-in special they offered last month. 


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MukBang Seafood

Seafood boil meets Vietnamese with a Cajun twist at Mukbang Seafood. Their platters, called “catches” are served with a potato, corn, sausage, egg, and your choice of sauce: mukbang, garlic butter, and flaming cajun. Mukbang has a pretty large variety of seafood including Mussels (not commonly found), Blue Crab & Snow Crab, Clams, Lobster, and more. Order the mukbang catch platter served with a taste of everything including shrimp, mussels, snow crab cluster and the fixins. 


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Featured image: Fiery Crab, NOLA Crawfish King, BOIL seafood house

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