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Boogie T Throws A Louisiana Throwdown with his own “Blocka Party”

Brock Thornton aka Boogie T doesn’t sleep, there’s simply no way he finds the time. A cursory glance at social channels shows him leveling another festival crowd, teasing another fiery collab,  jamming guitar live for hours and…freestyle rapping?

The Louisiana riddim star shows no signs of slowing down. He’s unveiled a 2KFO Remixes EP on his own Drama Club Records label, and he’s set to unleash the Boogie T.Rio live band for the first time at Electric Forest’s second weekend.

In a high-volume victory lap, he’s throwing a hometown “Blocka Party” Friday, June 15 in Lafayette, La. Joining him is longtime friends and collaborators BOARCROK, sfam, Kidd Love, and Digital.

We’re expecting the dubstep throwdown to shake the walls at Lafayette’s Nite Town, that’s a given. We thought we’d go one further and spotlight all the local artists on the explosive bill.


Just like Boogie T, this duo is everywhere. From throwing legendary local shows at Republic to their single “hallows” being a pocket favorite of Bassnectar’s sets in the past year, Michael Pearson and Jacob Hoerner’s instantly recognizable style of clinking, experimental trap is taking them to impressive heights.

With a new EP coming soon we’re hoping to hear furious bangers in Lafayette.


Remember all caps when you spell the man’s name! BOARCROK‘s riddim style is dark, and sludgy, right in line with the Louisiana swamps he calls home.

This is the one we’re really expecting to melt faces, and with so many collaborations with Boogie maybe some b2b action? We’re itching to find out.

Kidd Love

In what will be an awesome change of pace, New Orleans’ Kidd Love specializes in turntablism. In the couple of times we’ve caught him locally he’s played a deep, stunning range of hip-hop, R&B, lo-fi beats and everywhere in between.

With a huge knowledge of genres and production chops to boot, we’re too excited to hear what he spins.

And of course…

There’s Boogie himself, who will no doubt be bringing new and unexpected twists for his hometown celebration. We know there’s unreleased sfam and Griz collabs we haven’t heard yet, and if he decides to whip out his guitar and rip bluesy solos we’re all for it.

A showsman, goofball, and recording tour de force in his own right, we can’t imagine anyone else throwing an event this charismatic…or loud.

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