[Case Study] River Beats & City Bar Usher In a New Era for Baton Rouge

City Bar is the premier location for nightlife in Baton Rouge. The club has operated in downtown Baton Rouge for over a decade now. In 2019 City Bar went through some much-improved renovations and River Beats was there to help usher in the new era. By showcasing their new venue, and their weekly & monthly events, River Beats able to deliver over 125,000 impressions in just one month. 

Using well placed social ads, and multiple sponsored content funding campaigns, we were able to deliver a highly engaging campaign to fans and City Bar alike. Our full campaign results are below! 

Sponsored Content Funding – “Supported By” 

City Bar Ushers In A New Era For Dance Music In Baton Rouge

When you think live music and New Orleans, the images of saxophones, Jazz, gospel, and Frenchman street pop into your head first. And while that’s very appropriate, there are some interesting developments happening in a different corner of Louisiana. New Orleans is experiencing an evolution in entertainment and music.

Digital Advertising – “Targeted Social Ads” 

Using well-defined targeted audiences we reached thousands of fans well within City Bar’s democratic. Targeting included age, sex, occupation, location, past engagement, and emails. Our ads were seen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. We also advertised City Bar’s events on google ad-sense, acting a third party media buyer for the venue. 

Conclusion & Campaign Results

Using Sponsored Content Funding and Digital Advertising we were able to deliver over 122,000 impressions over multiple social platforms in just over one month. Each campaign averaged 5-6 days, averaging 30,750 per campaign. You can see each campaign below, along with their individual numbers. 

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