[Case Study – Supported By] The New Movement and River Beats Partner In Support of NOLA Comedy

In 2018 River Beats and The New Movement Theater New Orleans entered into a monthly content funding campaign. Over the course of two months, River Beats provided a handful of “Supported By” editorials. Our campaign mostly centered around the content itself, and no advertising budget was spent on targeted social ads.

This deal represents the many ways we can work with advertisers. While The New Movement’s advertising budget was on the smaller end, we tailored a campaign centered around engaging content.  Impressions for this campaign normally average 1-2 thousand, with both brands sharing content across multiple social channels. You can see our “Supported By” editorials below! 

Sponsored Content Funding – “Supported By”

Meet Unhinged: NOLA’s Newest Comedy Club

Since 2015, New Movement Theatre has been consistently voted the best place in Nola to watch comedy. However, what you may not know about the theatre is its status as a greenhouse for those interested in starting a hobby, collaboration, or career in the comedy world.

Life Coach, Teacher, Baseball coach, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Dreamer, Nola Shipfam..all of the above.

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