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5 Must-Try College Bars in New Orleans

New Orleans holds a reputation as one of the best party cities in the world.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the college bars in New Orleans are top notch. Whether you want to enjoy a beer outdoors or dance the night away, there is a perfect bar for you in uptown. Without further ado, let’s break down my favorite college bars in the city.

The Boot

The Boot

Let’s get one thing straight: The Boot will always be a centerpiece of college nightlife in New Orleans. Ignore the cynics who say The Boot is a “freshman bar”. In the end, it comes down to convenience.

Do you want to drink your face off and still be able to stumble back to campus? Go to The Boot.

Do you want to know where your entire dorm went on Friday night? Yep, The Boot.

“But I just want to get pizza and a six pack, I’m not really in a partying mood,” said your buzzkill friend. Well guess what, homie? Its Boot o’clock.

Also, The Boot is an underrated spot for day drinking. During college football season, The Boot runs drink specials every Saturday. In the spring, you can start your weekend by heading to The Boot for crawfish and beer on Friday afternoons.

My point is, The Boot is great because it checks all the boxes.

Whether you want to sip beer and people-watch on the sidewalk, or dance like a maniac until the sun comes up, The Boot has you covered.

F & M’s Patio Bar and Grill

F&M’s Patio Bar

Think of F&M’s Patio Bar as The Boot’s oddball older brother.

For reasons I can’t explain, it’s only worth attending F&M’s on Thursday or Saturday nights. Legend holds that for the rest of the week, “Dust in the Wind” plays faintly on Lyons and Tchoupitoulas. However, when F&M’s is rolling, it becomes one of the the best college parties in New Orleans.

F&M’s has three bar rooms (with three seperate playlists, major key) and a courtyard in the back. Additionally, there is a food counter located in the bar. Even in your darkest hour, the cheese fries will be there for you.

Be warned, a trip to F&M’s entails a late night. The large crowds don’t usually show up until midnight or later. However, the party at F&M’s rivals any college bar in the city.

Bruno’s Tavern

Bruno’s Tavern

Bruno’s is the college bar equivalent of a Subaru Outback – reliable, roomy, and subtly full of pep.

Recently, Bruno’s has experienced a surge in popularity among uptown students. This is due in large part to Wine Wednesdays, where bottles of wine cost only $6. Bruno’s also boast an extensive beer selection and draft offerings.

The atmosphere at Bruno’s is one of its defining factors. Although Wine Wednesdays are Bruno’s calling card, it is also a great spot for a late afternoon beer with sports on the TVs.

There is ample space in the bar room as well as two patios with seating. Furthermore, there is a game area in the back with darts, shuffleboard, and a pool table.

Another selling point for Bruno’s is the location on Maple Street. Because it’s only a short walk from campus, Bruno’s is a convenient option for college students. Although the energy at Bruno’s is more subdued than other places, the experience is dependable and enjoyable.

TJ Quill’s

TJ Quill’s

A word of advice about TJ Quill’s: the bouncers don’t appreciate people yelling “Geaux Tigers” on the patio. Don’t ask me why I know that.

In all seriousness, TJ Quill’s is quietly underrated among uptown college bars. The music selection at TJ’s is usually stellar, and the Penny Pitcher deal on Thursdays is hard to beat.

The showstopper, however, is the beer pong table in the back of the bar. I adamantly believe that more bars should incorporate this idea, but I digress. TJ’s also has a patio with seating if you want to get off your feet and enjoy a drink in the open air.

TJ Quill’s is located across from Bruno’s on Maple Street, which offers easy access for students in uptown. It might not get the acclaim that other bars receive, but it is always a reliable option for students in the Broadway area.

Robert’s Bar

Robert’s Bar

Fair warning, Robert’s is NOT a traditional college bar.

If you’re looking for sorority girls dancing on elevated surfaces, Robert’s is not the place for you. The most rowdy event you’ll find at Rob’s is a Jeopardy rerun during happy hour. So what’s the catch? Robert’s is the cheapest, most accessible campus bar you haven’t heard of.

Hear me out.

Roberts is located on Calhoun Street directly across from Yulman Stadium. Pretty convenient, right? Additionally, Robert’s has a different drink special for every day of the week.

If you have time to kill on a Tuesday night, how can you beat $1.50 PBR? Here’s a new Saturday pregame idea – $2 well drinks at Rob’s. The best part is, on Monday’s at Robert’s, they run every drink deal simultaneously. Boom.

If you’re still not sold, Robert’s also has a pool table and a ping pong table, and they are both FREE. Next time you want to get drinks without breaking the bank, give Robert’s a chance.

What’s your favorite college bar in New Orleans? Leave a comment below!

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