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Artist Spotlight: Concourse [Exclusive Mix + Interview]

Bryant Phethmanh, better known by his house persona Concourse, is sweeping the NOLA house scene by force. This Lafayette producer, DJ, photographer, and snappy dresser has been rising up the ranks in the local NOLA scene. Chances are if you’ve been to a house show in the last few years, you’re already a fan of his work.

Photo Credits : Becca Wilbee

He’s shared the stage with the likes of Shiba San, Chris Lorenzo, SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, and Goldroom, just to name a few. Concourse has been producing music since the age of 11 and that raw talent really shows through his work.

New Orleans, specifically the younger crowd, gravitates more towards heavy bass. How do you adapt to that environment?

“I do my best to differentiate by playing a soul filled sound that is all about the groove. The vibe matters more to me than the hype so by focusing on that, it helps create a niche area for those seeking more than heavy party music.”

What is the biggest hurdle you think you face as a new DJ in the current culture and how do you overcome?

” I feel like a lot of the local core audience is fixated on this bass wave culture. Doing your best to try and educate others on a sound that is far from that, tends to be hit and miss from time to time.”

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What would you consider to be your “muse”? Where do you draw your biggest inspiration from?

“Is this the part where I get to credit my girlfriend? In all seriousness, inspiration comes to me in all forms.

I pull a lot of my influences from the DJs I highly look up to and admire. MK, for instance, has been a significant player in the scene starting way before I was born yet is still at the top of the game today. Hot Since 82, Mark Knight, Tchami, Disclosure, Solardo, and AC Slater are a few other guys that I tailor my sound around.”

How do you hope to win over the younger crowd with your sound? What sets it apart from the rest of the pack in your opinion?

“I play everything ranging from deep house to the commercial more well-known side of the genre; however, the core sound is always house music.”

“I come from an era where a proper set is about the journey and not how quickly you get there. Let’s bring back longer extended sets!”

What do you hope to accomplish with this new series?

“I’m hoping people find that there is more to dance music than heavy bass or trying to wreck your neck with headbanging.

There’s a bunch of fantastic music out there, so the only way to find it is by trying new things! Big shoutout to Republic NOLA for pushing the scene with their amazing bookings!”

Make sure to check Concourse out this summer pushing his deep house tunes and chill vibes for all to enjoy.

SNBRN Endless Summer at the Drifter Hotel

Featured Photo Credit: Becca Wilbee

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