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LSU Gets Commitment From One Of The Greatest Names Ever: De’Coldest Crawford

If you got the chance to make up an imaginary football name, and pair it with your success, What would you pick? How about De’coldest? Sounds pretty spot on if you are trying to be running back or wide receiver. 

Now what if I told you there is someone in our lovely state with this amazing football name? Complex is reporting on a story about a high school receiver named De’Coldest Crawford who just committed to LSU. You heard us right. De’coldest is staying in-state to put the chill on the rest of his SEC opponents. 


To make the story even greater, earlier this year as the viral story grew, several outlets reported that the receiver’s full name was DeColdest ToEvaDoIt Crawford, but Complex says “his middle name was the decidedly less cold Juan.”


The Advocate reported that Green Oaks High sophomore De’coldest has committed to play football at LSU earlier this week. He will join the Tigers in 2022. 


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