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Duke Dumont Halts Show Due to Irate Fans [Video]

Legendary British house artist Duke Dumont (who recently played at Republic NOLA) was heckled by attendees at his most recent show in Edmonton, Canada early this week. Dumont halted the show causing an early end to the performance disappointing many of the fans in attendance.

Dumont, a creator of the Blasé Boys Club record label, is currently in the middle of his North American tour promoting his newest tracks, “Ocean Drive” and “I Got U” was spit on by drunken fans in the upper seating which led Duke Dumont to end to the energetic performance.  If it wasn’t bad enough for Dumont to endure fans spitting, some intoxicated attendees also threw drinks at him potentially damaging his equipment. “If you’re brave enough, come the f*ck down here,” shouted Dumont from the stage. Calling out the unknown attendant he challenged whoever the person was that spitting from the stands to come down to the stage and deal with him directly.

Shortly after stopping the performance the House Producer apologized to the fans about halting the show but did not return to the stage, leaving attendees disappointed.

One thing that fans in the electronic dance community try to promote is the philosophy of “PLUR” (peace, love unity and respect) among fans, artists, and the music. Fans typically discourage such disrespectful activities such as spitting on the performer and throwing drinks on the artist that you are there to watch. Hopefully, those angry fans don’t ruin it for future performances in that city from Duke Dumont.

Source: Dancing Astronaut 
Photo: We Own The Night NYC  / Vertex