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Russ Liquid Talks ‘Eclectric’ EP and Upcoming New Orleans Performance


Swamp-based producer, trumpeter and beat-maker Russ Liquid dips into the realm of glitchy, experimental bass with his newest EP Eclectric. The release just dropped via Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label last week. The EP is a full throttle exploration of rumbling bass lines, electric riffs and contagious soul. We wouldn’t expect anything less of our multi-talented NOLA bass family.

River Beats caught up with Russ Liquid and had a chance to chat about the new Eclectric EP and his upcoming New Orleans performances with the Boogie T.Rio. 

River Beats Q&A with Russ Liquid

River Beats: How does the Eclectric EP take a step forward from your past productions?

Russ Liquid: More of a step diagonal. I’ve been heavily immersed in Russ Liquid Test band world for the past few years which has been great.

This EP though is getting back to my beginnings and what I love about electronic music: creating sounds and compositions that are not typical.

You’ve said you want your music to reflect the whole spectrum of human emotion, what piece of that spectrum is this EP showcasing?

There is joy, sadness, silliness, pain, anger, love.. I feel there is a bit of everything..

You’re stopping at the Joy Theater with homeboy Boogie T and his band in January. We’re pumped! Any new and exciting live developments your Nola fam can expect?

New music and a new cast. Andrew Block who played guitar in my band is stepping out to focus on his own endeavors… meanwhile, we got some dope surprises for you. Given that it’s in NOLA you can expect it to be awesome and have plenty of special guests 👾

Would you say your New Orleans crowds have a distinct energy to them? How would you describe it?

New Orleans is super special. I think the city itself cultivated a special vibe in which people really give it their all when coming to shows. Which is great as a performer.. keeping that reciprocal energy exchange going.

Will friends and fans see you out on the town after the shows?


Any last minute plugs or words of love and encouragement to share?

Onwards and upwards. Dowries life is challenging. Don’t be defeated! Focus on the good and learn from the bad. Move forward.

Stream the Russ Liquid EP Eclectric below.

Catch tickets to the Russ Liquid Test with Boogie T.Rio here.

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