GRiZ Brought the Funk to the Fillmore Theater [Review]

If you ever have the opportunity to see GRiZ in the near future, just do it. Even if you aren’t quite a fan of the music, you will love his energy and use of live instrumentation and vocalists, automatically making his show unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This past Saturday, GRiZ stopped by the Fillmore Theater attached to Harrah’s Hotel for an evening of funk, dubstep, and even some house! 

Being in New Orleans, we appreciate live instruments and vocals, and GRiZ made sure to go above and beyond to keep all of us happy. Throughout the evening, he was joined by singer Chrishira, rapper ProbCause, guitarist and pal Muzzy Bear, and even some live horns. Opening up for the evening in the lobby was local DJ and producer Dino Brawl, as well as the Funk Hunters. With two acts like that getting it started, we were instantly guaranteed a great evening. 

Most of the evening consisted of songs from his album Ride Waves, fitting because the entire tour is surrounded around the album. He also threw in some oldies, bangers, and everything in between however in typical GRiZ fashion.

Listen to Ride Waves below:


With his Ride Waves tour pt. 2 also came something new: a unique light design set-up called The Imaginarium. 


Following this leg of Ride Waves pt. 2, he probably will not be doing anything quite as large as this tour for some time. In an interview, he said that he’s more than likely done with large tours such as the one he’s currently on. Can you blame him, though? Night after night of performances just to pick up and travel to the next spot can for sure be tiring, both physically and mentally. I applaud him for being so kick-ass however, and bringing ALL of the energy no matter how tired he is. His love for his craft truly shines through. 

TLDR: if you ever get the opportunity, don’t miss GRiZ. 

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Featured image by Ian Saunders Photography.

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