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Kraftwerk Celebrates 50 Years with a 3D Concert Tour


Kraftwerk returns to the touring scene this summer with a 50 year anniversary tour. Tickets for their show at the Orpheum can be purchased here.

Kraftwerk is a multimedia piece of art. When Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider started the group in 1970, they were producing all their albums from their home studio in Germany. Now the group is internationally recognized for revolutionizing electronic music.

This summer, the group is returning with a special 50th anniversary show. Their North American tour dates for 2020 will bring together music, performance art and 3D visuals. In German, the group is known as a Gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art. 


With their musical visions of the future, Kraftwerk created an electronic soundscape for the 21st century. With a heavy focus on the relationship between man and machine, the group is widely known for musical experimentation with robotics and other technical innovations. Music nerds can trace their influence through a slew of modern genres: from techno and hip hop to electro and synth pop.  

In 2018, Kraftwerk won the Grammy for Best Electronic Album for their completely 3D retrospective album called 3-D The Catalogue. If the tour is nearly as successful as their album – it will be a show you surely don’t want to miss! 

Kraftwerk 50th Anniversary 3D Tour on Sun. July 5th at The Orpheum!

On sale now!


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