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It’s Official! First Flights out of New Louis Armstrong Airport are Scheduled

Tonight is the night. Those flying in on three flights after 8pm, except for three Southwest flights, will be going through the new Louis Armstrong airport terminal. If you recall, the new building was supposed to open much earlier this year, but kept getting pushed back. 

The new MSY was initially scheduled to open tomorrow, November 6. The first flights out of the new airport are still scheduled for this day. 

The flights landing tonight into the new terminal are as follows:

  • Southwest Flight #397 departing from Tampa, FL and arriving at 8:30 p.m
  • Southwest Flight #449 departing from Atlanta, GA and arriving at 8:35 p.m
  • Southwest Flight #993 departing from Dallas, TX and arriving at 8:40 p.m

The new MSY was originally scheduled to be completed in May 2018, and has missed four open dates since then.

For those landing at the new terminal, they are offering multiple transportation methods including personal vehicle pickups, taxis, ride-share, and limousines. Shuttles will remain at the old terminal, as well as the short-term and long-term parking garages. 

Get ready to get acclimated to the new MSY on your next trip out of New Orleans!  

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