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Manic Focus Is Recording New Album With Some Special Friends in New Orleans

The world of dance music is full of collabs, mashups, and remixes, so it takes something special to get excited over the news of a team-up. Chicago-based producer, Manic Focus, is working on a new album right here in New Orleans.  Sources report he’s been hard at work at Andrew Block’s (who has worked with DJs like Griz and Russ Liquid) Neutral Sound studios uptown.

Manic Focus spotted in NOLA

His Facebook also confirms a collaboration with New Zealand producer, Opiuo. A mashup between Manic Focus and Opiuo is one that got our ears perked up. Especially since that mashup is being produced in our own backyard.

The funky bass sounds of Manic Focus blended together with the blusey experimental sounds coming from Opiuo is a perfect marriage. It’s a departure from the heavy bass sound that seems to be dominating the market now for sure. But sometimes different is what you need. Plus, what better place to blend those two sounds together than the playground of Jazz?

That’s what we’re all about here anyway. Taking unconventional sounds and mixing them together into something beautiful. Something that reaches the masses and speaks to them in ways you wouldn’t think. Manic Focus brings that Chi-town funk and Opiuo with his Kiwi influences that keeps you guessing which direction he’ll go with every track. We’ll keep our ears out for the collaboration, but it’s already shaping up to be something worth your while.

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