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See The Amazing Photos From Louisiana’s First Medical Marijuana Patients

In 1978 Lousiana state senator Anthony Guarisco Jr proposed Lousiana’s first medical marijuana bill. Fast forward 40 years later, and Guarisco along with dozens of others, are the first patients in Louisiana to legally receive treatment through medical marijuana. 

Anthony Guarisco Jr, who suffers from glaucoma celebrates as he receives his first prescription of medical marijuana

We’ve been following this story for months, and last week we reported that the first batch of medical marijuana was close to being ready. This week that batch officially passed hitting shelves in various pharmacies across Lousiana. 

While that news in its self is fantastic, the photos coming from patients receiving care is amazing to see. NOLA.COM detailed the delivery of the medical product to the Willow Pharmacy in Madisonville Louisiana this past Tuesday. The photos provide us with some memorable moments that show history in the making. 

40 years after the first bill was proposed, the product is now available for those patients who fit the criteria. Check out some of the amazing moments captured by David Grunfeld below. Learn more about where the product will be sold, and who is eligible for purchase here. 

Boxes of medical marijuana are checked and shipped at the GB sciences grow facility
Lousiana law only prohibits liquid form for the time being
Scoot Ridgon, of Loranger, thanks Anthony Guarisco Jr for introducing a medical marijuana bill almost 40 years ago.
Elizabeth Damron of Slidell, who is a retired Marine who suffers from PSTD, hugs David Brown, an attorney who helped write the new state law


Featured Photos: David Grunfeld 

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