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Mega Ran & Mickey Factz Join Local Artists For An Epic Hip-Hop Showcase

Mega Ran, Alfred Banks in New Orleans

Gasa Gasa is hosting a night of nationally acclaimed hip hop artists this Thursday, December 12. Get your tickets to the show here.

Mega Ran was a middle school teacher when he released his hip hop album centered around the Final Fantasy video game franchise. That Black Materia album is now called his “pièce de résistance,” and brought him the success he needed to pursue music full-time.

Mickey Factz abandoned his spot at NYU Law School for his love of music. A decade later and he’s worked with some of the most influential names in music. Drake, Travis McCoy, and Lupe Fiasco, just to name a few. 

As influential names in the “nerd core” genre of hip-hop, Ran and Factz often use samples from video games in their tracks. Mega Ran is the first rap artist to be licensed by a major video game developer. 

These two inspiring artists are performing at Gasa Gasa in the Freret this Thursday night with the F.A.M. Tour. And in a special treat for New Orleans, local legends Alfred Banks and Kaye the Beast will join the performance.



Alfred Banks has been noted as one of the top indie rappers in Louisiana. He’s performed at renowned festivals like SXSW and our own Voodoo Festival. He’s toured around Europe and even had his music featured in several commercials and Netflix specials. His 3rd LP, The Beautiful, which chronicles the events of his brother’s suicide, is his most successful release to date. Since then he’s toured with the Grammy-nominated Tank and Bangas, and he just released a special EP through his Bandcamp called Quickstrike.


Kaye the Beast is another New Orleans local producer and released his Black Ranger LP on Bandcamp earlier this year.


You can catch all of these artists at Gasa Gasa this Thursday night. Doors open at 8. The show starts at 9.

Get tickets for Mega Ran + Mickey Fatz + Alfred Banks

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