New Orleans & Techno: NOLA Welcomes Subject Matter, the Official Movement Festival Pre-Party

Techno is at an all-time high in the United States. The evidence is everywhere. Labels like Desert Hearts and festivals like Movement Detroit are leading from the front as new dance music fans transition from hard-bass music to the sweet sounds of techno & tech-house.

The sound, born in the mid-’80s in Detroit, Michigan, officially became branded as “techno” in 1988. Since it’s creation, Detroit continues to stay a staple in the techno scene. In 2000, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival was born to celebrate the city’s techno heritage. It later rebranded as Movement in 2003. Movement embodies exactly what the name suggests: a large scale movement of techno fans from all over the world to Detroit.

Techno in new Orleans

While New Orleans isn’t necessarily known for its techno scene, there are some pioneers in NOLA holding the light. New Orleans Resident DJ and techno aficionado Tristan Dufrene is one such artist.

Known for her weekly & monthly house and techno events, Dufrene is hosting Movement’s official festival pre-party Subject Matter on Saturday, May 11th. Billed as a “night dancing situation, gathering place, an oasis of sweat, grime, and positivity,” Subject Matter will take place at Poor Boys Bar in the Bywater. Poor Boys is a well-kept secret of New Orleans locals and a perfect environment for a long night of Movement debauchery. 

The doors for Subject Matter open Saturday, May 11th at 10 pm. For more information on the event and to RSVP, click here. 

As a bonus, guests who attend Subject Matter will enter to win two free tickets to this year’s Movement festival in Detroit. 

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