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New Photo Book of Underground New Orleans Punk Scene Coming Soon

New Orleans-based photographer and filmmaker, Beau Patrick Coulon carries his 35mm with him everywhere. Next week, the underground artist is releasing his latest book of photography.

On April 12th, Coulon’s latest book of photography – Revel & Revolt – publishes via Burn Barrel Press and DNO. The pages of Revel & Revolt are illuminated by imagery of the punk scene in New Orleans – from generator shows to street protests to Mardi Gras parades and DIY art spaces illuminate. Coulon’s photography is sentimental, striking, and always active.

The book presents Coulon’s straightforward-yet-personal visual documentation of protests, parades, and the punk scene in New Orleans from 2013 to 2020.

Coulon spent his teenage years as a juvenile delinquent, living on the streets of Southern California, hitchhiking across the country, and hanging out with punks and anarchists. In his 20s he worked just about every odd job around from farming, flipping burgers, framing houses, and pouring concrete. Since then Coulon has taken up photography and filmmaking, carrying his 35mm everywhere he goes.

Although he no longer lives on the road or sleeps rough, his past imbues his visual storytelling. Coulon’s imagery is that of one whose love for his subject matter overwhelms the frame. His work speaks the language of the street and transient Americana, documenting the uncommon in a way that is both sentimental and timeless. In a cultural landscape weighted towards marketed notions of refinement, class, and commerce, Coulon’s photographs explore everyday splendor and profound moments that often go unnoticed.

Starting TODAY locals can pick up an early copy of Revel & Revolt at the Garden District DNO location at 1101 First Street.

Revel & Revolt publishes on April 12th, 2021.




featured image via Beau Patrick Coulon

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