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Saints Select Michigan Center Cesar Ruiz With First Round Pick In NFL Draft

We’ve been waiting for what felt like weeks, and it’s finally here! The NFL held a real-life “fantasy draft” as teams selected from remote locations due to COVID-19.

With no surprise, the Bengals selected LSU QB, Joe Burrow, and the rest of the first round has fallen pretty much in order. After another successful season that brought on a 13-3 record, the Saints fell to the 24th pick and have selected Michigan Center Cesar Ruiz. 

That’s it for the Saints in round 1 of the draft, they return tomorrow and Saturday with four more picks overall. You can see the full draft pick-by-pick breakdown for the New Orleans Saints below

Round 1 (No. 24 overall)

Round 3 (88)

Round 4 (130)

Round 5 (169)

Round 6 (203)


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