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Where to Find the Best Music Venues in New Orleans

New Orleans offers so much live music. Street performances have a long history over there. Music is an integral part of New Orleans; it is mostly known for its birthing of the jazz genre but it is also the mother to rock and roll. You may enjoy live music in restaurants, bars, or dedicated venues. Many times as you walk down the French Quarter you will witness a band on foot, a tradition in New Orleans for commemorating funerals and weddings. There are plenty of music venues in this post you can find in New Orleans. 

Preservation Hall

Jazz bands have been hosted in the Preservation Hall as it is one of the most known stages in New Orleans. You can hear acoustic jazz playing if you are around the French Quarter, almost every night. This place can only allow 100 people to enjoy the performances inside this hallowed space. When you visit New Orleans, be sure to see a show in the preservation hall. You will have plenty of chances to enjoy the acclaimed house band that does multiple shows during your visit. 

The Maison

The Maison has a main room with the largest stage where performances happen. It has a large area such that if you do not want to be in the main room with congestion, you can have a seat at the mezzanine level. This level has tables and seating that overlook the main stage. The Maison music is your place to go when you want to enjoy diverse shows such as drag, burlesque, and live jazz. The Maison guarantees a lively night with Latin music playing in the penthouse.


D.B.A. offers electrical music choices such as zydeco, rock, soul, and jazz which are performed under one building. D.B.A is not only famous for having the best local bands but it also serves the craftiest beer. Here, you will need to plan early and get a ticket which is a necessity even if the show is free. It offers some of the most authentic live local music, be sure to book early for a seat during your visit.

The Howlin’ Wolf

The Howlin’ Wolf venue is an excellent place to see comedy, live music, or whatever is happening, even theatrics. It offers one spot with two music venues. The inside of Howlin’ Wolf brings live entertainment to life despite it being designed like a warehouse decorated with large murals. Howl’s main room has hosted famous live band musicians and you might be lucky to be there for a legendary performance when you visit. The other music venue in this spot is the Den. If you want a low-key concert hosting smaller capacity and movie screenings, this is the place for you. 


Tipitina’s has been around since 1977 where it hosts both visitors and locals to experience some of the best artists and bands in New Orleans. The standing rooms in this area only offer a chance to individuals over 18 years. You will find the stage here graced by Cajun, jazz, and Brass but once in a while, you may experience folk and rock as they pop up the Tipitina’s calendar as well.

The Jazz Playhouse

The jazz playhouse is located inside the Royal Sonesta. It is right at the heart of the French Quarter and serves iconic local jazz. The Bourbon Street venue is beautifully adorned by the jazz culture which includes live jazz music along with appetizers and cocktails. It is located inside the hotel therefore, people with a rented room may come to enjoy the show with a ticket of course and even nonguests can be hosted for the show. 

Maple Leaf Bar

Maple leaf bar is commonly known for its popular college hangouts; here it serves live rock music, blues, jazz, and funk. It is home to Loyola and Tulane universities. Students in this area ensure it stays cosmopolitan, youthful, and vibrantly fun. Maple Leaf bar’s neighborhood, Oak Street has two liveliest affairs for socializing and nightlife in addition to live music and good food in the area. 

The Spotted Cat Music Club

The spotted cat music club is one of the favorites in New Orleans as it offers live traditional and modern funk, blues, jazz, and Klezmer just to mention a few. It is located at the heart of Faubourg Marigny a few steps away from the busy French quarter. You may enjoy the live music as you sip drinks poured by lively and friendly bartenders at affordable prices. Be sure to enjoy the traditional jazz and bring back that vintage feeling. The local musicians play their hearts out through their music which makes it terrific to listen to.

The neighborhood of Marigny is not only famous for live music venues but they also have street performances that further their legacy for jazz music. New Orleans offers various ways in which you can enjoy live music. It offers something for everyone, while others enjoy rock and roll some enjoy classical jazz, funk, blues, and soul. Be sure to visit the above music venues when you visit New Orleans. 

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