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Get to Know BUKU Music + Art Project Graffiti Artists

New Orleans is notorious for its highly developed creative scene – both musically and artistically. This March, BUKU Music + Art Project will showcase this special flavor of life, art, and creativity – an aspect that makes it very unique from other festivals – right in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana.

While on site, artists from all over will be able to showcase their artistic abilities. Thousands of attendees for the festival will even have the opportunity of placing bids on pieces of art that are painted right there and then, with proceeds benefiting Upbeat Academy and Animal Rescue New Orleans.

The Art Curator from BUKU (Dogslobber) shares some insight on the meaning of BUKU Music + Art Project and how this is translated into the art space at the festival.

“BUKU was born in the dirty docks of the Mississippi and resides in its forgotten industry. Art emerges of its own accord, inspired by the festival’s post-industrial setting and the vibrant street culture found in the city in which it resides.”

Throwback to BUKU Music + Art Project 2012 — The first-ever graffiti wall

Allowing artists to display their talents while embracing the New Orleans vibe is something that BUKU excels in; they are able to bring all walks of life and history of New Orleans graffiti in one general location available to the population.

In each individual piece, you can see how each artist varies in their own styles and adds their own unique flair. This awesome organization has already compiled a list of artists that will be showcasing their talents this year. Among this list includes ACHOO, AXE, DVOTE, FAT KIDS, Henry Lipkis, Kate Hanrahan, MEEK, Pat Philips, SWAN, TASK, TRIAL, UTER, WOOLY and SWEETALK. Check out the artist video announcement (featuring music from K?d!!!) and some of the graffiti artists work that will be at this year’s BUKU below.

“BUKU is no Art Gallery, it is an Art Project, its landscape in a constant state of change. Through innovation and adaptation, the site has been revived, featuring local favorites like Fort BUKU and the ever growing Live Graffiti Gallery, along with new additions that seek to bring avant-garde art with a heavy industrial focus, creating a functional and interactive playground for everyone to participate, relax, and get #TOOBUKU.”

Get to Know the BUKU Graffiti Artists:

Pat Phillips 





Kate Hanrahan

Henry Lipkis

Fat Kids 

We are stoked to see what each individual brings to the table with their various stylistic characteristics!

Get tickets to BUKU Music + Art Project here


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