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Stream the Latest Single from New Orleans Folk Project Slow Rosary

slow rosary

New Orleans folk project Slow Rosary just released its newest single, “Subaquatic Heartbroke Alien.” Stream it here now.

Songwriter Rene Duplantier grew up in southern Louisiana next to an oil refinery. The events of his youth here inspired his debut album as Slow Rosary – Refinery.

New Orleans-based folk project Slow Rosary releases their debut album, Refinery, on August 27th. This week the band is sharing the final single from the album, “Subaquatic Heartbroke Alien.” You can stream the single and pre-order the upcoming album on Bandcamp.

A slow and lurching drama, “Subaquatic Heartbroke Alien” is a rehashing of being left behind in New Orleans by a partner that wanted more than the city had to offer. It’s a direct and heartbreaking homage to the city. New Orleans locals and lovers will surely recognize their home in Duplantier’s lyrics.

He sings heartfully: “New Orleans is the center of the world, so one day you’re bound to return. That’ll be the day that I float up and burn. That’ll be the end of the world.”

Intense, immediate production by Blake Robicheaux allows sparse acoustic arrangements to distort into full-band crescendos.

On its debut album, Slow Rosary embodies the transition from being an individual to being part of something much bigger. From the indie rock odyssey “Evangeline” to the show-tune-esque “Patron Mother,” each track provides a unique foundation for Rene’s folk-inspired lyricism.

In the last four years, Rene Duplantier has evolved his once solo act into a guest house for performers. Refinery brings together Rene’s friends, family, schoolmates, and coworkers to shape his original compositions into expansive soundscapes.

The final single off of the upcoming album, “Subaquatic Heartbroke Alien” is a peek into what listeners can expect come August 27th.

Look out for the debut album from Slow Rosary, Refinery on August 27th.


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