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Mid-City Community Meeting Discusses Plans to Re-Develop Abadndoned Lindy Boggs Center

Residents of Mid-City gathered earlier this week for a New Orleans community meeting. During the meeting, some interesting news arose regarding the eyesore that is Lindy Boggs Medical Center. In the middle of the booming Mid-City area lies the old and decrepit building, vacant since Katrina. It has been left to crumble for over 13 years, with a fence to “camouflage” it and wood boarding up on the windows.

After Katrina in 2010, St. Margaret’s bought the building for $4.2 million dollars. In 2013, a lawsuit emerged between St. Margaret’s and MCC, which put a halt to further developments of the building. In 2015 another lawsuit between St. Margaret’s and LSU, who wanted to convert the building into a cardiovascular hospital, arose causing another long delay. Since then, Mid-City residents have wondered what was to happen to the building. 

Twitter user Mid-City Messenger live-tweeted during the meeting with what was happening and what was being said. Check out the tweets below.

On a final note, they hope to complete everything by 2020. “It’s an admiral goal; it’s not probably not going to be achieved, but it’s admirable.” Only time will tell what the future holds for Lindy Boggs, but we hope something is done and soon!

Featured image via The Advocate. 

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