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New Orleans Community Fridges Initiative Sees Success, Provides Free Food For All

One consistent component of New Orleans no matter what may befall of us: community. Neighbors are always willing to lend a helping hand, and that is especially proven by a new initiative called New Orleans Community Fridges (NOCF). The model initially launched in LA and NYC, providing the NOLA community a blueprint with how to make it happen, and make sure it’s successful.

NOCF is:

“…a mutual aid network of community sustained sidewalk fridges providing free food for all.”

Through a variety of means including donations and crowd-sourcing, these fridges are able to put fresh and accessible foods in our neighborhoods for those that need it most. 

Interested in setting up your own fridge? Businesses and residencies provide the electricity and location, and everything else is handled by community volunteers. All you need is a place that is accessible 24/7, and the ability to handle costs of powering the average fridge, which comes to about ~$30/month. View current fridge locations around the city here.

If you want to donate and contribute, check out the details below:



Learn more about the New Orleans Community Fridge here.

Featured image by Jordan Coughlin.

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