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New Orleans Nightmare, One of The City’s Largest Haunted Houses, Opens Today

Tickets can be purchased online at and at the gate on show days only.

If you’re a fan of haunted houses, then we have the perfect news for you! New Orleans Nightmare, one of the NOLA’s newest and most terrifying haunted attractions, is back for the 2019 Halloween Season!

Opening on Friday, September 13 and running through November 2, this immersive horror experience features world-class makeup, crew, and top-notch special effects. The creative space is presented by the worlds largest Halloween themed entertainment company, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment. 

“We pride ourselves on the Hollywood-level quality of our makeup, sets, actors, and effects. We want our guests to feel as though they are really living out the nightmare that we’re transporting them into.” – Chris Stafford, CEO and Founding Partner 

New Orleans Nightmare features 25,000 square feet of haunted features, a staggering size for a haunted house. Thirteenth floor is using the large space to introduce one its newest feature, “PHOBIA SENSORY OVERLOAD,” in which guests submerge themselves into a total blackout while they must rely only on their five senses to escape. Those that grew up enjoying New Orleans’ “House of Shock” will welcome the newer more intense New Orleans Nightmare.

See some of the main attractions from Thirteenth Floor and New Orleans Nightmare below! 


General admission to the haunted house begins at $19.99 and VIP options allowing
patrons to bypass the line are available starting at $29.99. You can purchase tickets online at and at the gate on show days only.

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