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What is River Beats New Orleans?

New Orleans' Newest Cultural Movement

River Beats was created to unite the music scene and give people what they never had before, a global community platform to express themselves. We have grown to be the voice of the community for music, art, and culture.

Now, we welcome you to the future of River Beats: Regional Chapters. A mecca of art, culture, events, entertainment, sports, food & drink, and much more.

What is River Beats New Orleans?

River Beats has amassed thousands of friends and fans worldwide by creating original content mixed with passionate music & art events. While we have always catered to a national spectrum of content, it became evident that in order for us to serve as a local platform we would need to create local chapters.

So starting today, we are proud to welcome all of you to River Beats New Orleans. New Orleans’ newest cultural movement. Your home for all things New Orleans. Whether it be music, sports, food & drink, or art, River Beats will be there as a voice of the locals and their business. A go to tool for all who visit this beautiful city!

What Will We Cover?

We hope to give a voice to New Orleans local businesses, musicians, artists and everyone in between. With music tourism growing every year, New Orleans has become a destination for people worldwide.  River Beats is New Orleans’ #1 media source. The one that represents generations X, Y, Z and beyond.

New Orleans is home to so many different genres and styles of music & art. Whether it be Jazz, Funk, Rap & Hip Hop, Blues, Soul, Zydeco, Electronic Music, or Electro Funk; they all deserve attention. Our goal is to bring new light and awareness to the venues, musicians, and businesses who have long awaited a bigger voice to fans.

With over 150 yearly cultural festivals & events throughout New Orleans, River Beats will have our hands full bringing residents and guests generations X, Y, & Z’s approach to the city’s culture.

What are Regional Chapters?

To be a global in nature, while still covering New Orleans locally, was impossible. From that idea came “regional chapters” for our diverse multimedia team.

A national blog can’t represent a local region efficiently. The content doesn’t cross over to a national audience. Local chapters are an opportunity to widen our local content and offer more opportunities to the local community of business owners, locals, tourists and fans alike.

Eventually there will be a River Beats cultural hub in every major city. We are looking to expand on this idea, to continue the core mission of River Beats, “A global community for music, art, and culture.”

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with River Beats New Orleans. As a fan, continue using us as YOUR source for everything New Orleans, and let us know about the musicians you feel NEED media. If you are interested in advertising your business, event, concert, or upcoming music release, please reach out to us. Are you a writer, photographer, sports fanatic? We welcome collaboration with open arms. Reach out today, and let’s work together to unite our community and grow!

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Follow River Beats New Orleans for all things New Orleans. A local community of art, music, food and cultural happenings.

And make sure to add our Event Calendar to your homepage and check back daily for new events happening in the Crescent City!

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