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Sewerage & Water Board Find Whole Cars Underground Mid-City Canal

Well, this one is new. First reported on by, the trusty Sewerage and Water Board stumbled upon two entire vehicles underground in a drainage culvert that runs through Jefferson Davis Parkway. In a city that constantly complains about our pumps not working when it rains and that the Sewerage and Water Board that is useless, this certainly adds fuel to the fire. And it’s not good. 

The cars were found in a pile of other debris, “clogging up one of the key pipelines that feeds water to the pump station” to drain parts of Mid-City. Whenever it rains, those that live in Mid-City can attest to the horrible flooding that occurs in most parts of the neighborhood. Just ask Banks Street, one of the areas that consistently gets hit the hardest each and every time. 

photo via Sewerage & Water Board

Apparently, this is a hefty effort from the S&WB in an attempt to investigate the underground canals, looking for blockages. Ghassan Korban, S&WB Executive Director, explained that “it wouldn’t be surprising if they haven’t been looked at in 10 or 15 years.” 

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