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STS9 – The Jamtronica Legends Of This Generation

Not much can be said about Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) these days that hasn’t already been said. The five-piece ensemble exemplifies a master class in what it means to be an artist in the 21st century. They embody the professionalism of prestigious musicians while maintaining the raw spirit which eludes many bands of their status.

It is common knowledge that they have reached the pinnacle of both the electronic and jam band world and have been at this peak for some time. The real amazing feat is that they have been able to maintain the enthusiasm and love from their loyal fan base comparable to the likes of Deadheads and Phish fans from generations past. While many fans are actually crossovers of the latter, many are of a younger generation who may not be as familiar with the legendary tours of the 60’s and 70’s which set an unparalleled precedent for what it meant to be a fan.

STS9 Performs Rare ‘Axe the Cables’ Set in NOLA 

STS9’s two night stay in New Orleans over April 29 and 30th was a success by all measures. The venue choice at The Joy Theater could not have presented a better chance for an intimate experience with world-class musicians in a world-class city. The timing was perfect as it coincided with the first weekend of Jazz Fest, opening the door for many out of town festival goers and fans. The sought after

The sought after appearance of STS9’s acoustic set, ‘Axe The Cables’, on Sunday was a special moment for true fans of Sound Tribe. Axe The Cables sets are increasingly rare and even some die-hard Sound Tribe fans have never even seen one.

While every STS9 set is known for pushing sonic boundaries and mixing different musical influences both acoustically and electronically. Their acoustic set is truly something else. More than just the addition of the stand-up bass and grand piano, Axe the Cables provides the audience with a sense of grandeur and a real sense of appreciation of the musicians’ craftsmanship. It’s for the real music fans of the world; the ones who understand that music has the power to connect us all.

“This is rich, luscious, and technical music for the type of people that enjoy dancing ‘til the sun comes up, the type of people who abandon day jobs and family life to follow music on the road; searching for that otherworldly sweet spot where nothing matters or exists but them and the music.”

Saturday’s performance for one reason or another brought a younger more lively, possibly more inexperienced crowd. STS9 was able to leave the stage Saturday night without an encore. Sunday seemed to attract a more experienced and thoughtful audience. They didn’t allow the band to leave the stage without a thunderous standing ovation. The entire crowd seemed to be on the same page; they were witnessing rare and breathtaking artistry unfold in front of them and couldn’t accept it ending.

The entire ensemble was visibly appreciative of the moment: one of the greatest music cities in the world standing in awe of what they just witnessed. Between the 4 sets and nearly 7 hours of original music and improv; STS9 proved to New Orleans that it deserves the international critical acclaim it receives and perhaps more.

Photo: Kelsey James / Sundara Studios 

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