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PSA: Don’t Park in the Lot Across From Wrong Iron or You Will Get Towed

The Sewerage and Water Board hosted a meeting this evening at Cabrini High School. The topic of conversation was the green space across from Wrong Iron on the Greenway in Mid-City, which has become their undesignated overflow parking lot. The meeting brought out quite a few people, so many people that they had to grab more chairs to fit everyone.

So how does that lot pertain to the Sewerage and Water Board? That green space is a “natural swale” with 2 drainage culverts underneath. When people park on the lot, it messes up the infrastructure of the expensive drainage system.

According to spokespeople of the S&WB this evening, starting tonight, there will be a tow truck waiting for people to park and tow away. Anyone that parks there is eligible for immediate towing and citation. Don’t risk it.

If you live in the area, walk or ride a bike! After all, there is PLENTY of bike parking.

Per a post on Wrong Iron’s Facebook page, they wrote: “You must park legally or you are subject to a ticket or tow. There is more parking down the street or post office after they close. Thank you.”

Featured image via Wrong Iron Facebook page. 

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